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Music - Finished Works

For a given value of "finished". And even for a given value of "works", as the "Oddments" section is a collection of one-off pieces.

Six Short Preludes

These were originally written for piano, but the versions here have been transcribed for different instruments.

Prelude 1

Prelude 2

Prelude 3

Prelude 4

Prelude 5

Prelude 6


I tend not to write one-off pieces. When I write something, it is usually because I have a larger work in mind. However, sometimes I find myself with a piece that doesn't belong to anything else, and even more frequently I write one piece for a work that then never goes anywhere and never has anything else written for it.

These are some of those pieces. The titles are, generally, rather arbitrary and just for the sake of giving the pieces a name, but Running With The Crowd actually has lyrics, so its title is a real one.

Running With The Crowd