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Music - Abandoned Works

I've always tended not to write one-off pieces, but instead to write complete 'works'. Most of the one-off pieces that I have written were originally intended to be part of something else, but the something else in question never went any further.

However, there are few works of mine that got part of the way towards being completed, but were then abandoned for one reason or another, and I've collected some of them here.


The following pieces are all taken from 'Esther', a children's musical based on the biblical story. The whole show was supposed to be given a 1920s/1930s setting (which is hopefully apparent from the music). I stopped writing it (a) because I couldn't do the lyrics, and (b) because the whole concept (slightly jokey 'family' musical based on a biblical story) was too much like 'Joseph & His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat'.


Life In Babylon

The Party

Oh Queen Vashti

When The Queen Was Gone

Someone Somewhere Smiled

Enter Haman

Life Was Just Divine


It's possible that this particular work is not actually abandoned, but just postponed. These pieces were the beginnings of the soundtrack for my Galaxy game, the original version of which can be found elsewhere on this site. The game itself, at least in its current form, has been abandoned, but I might return to it at some point.

Intro Scene


Game Over

End Credits