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I've been writing music since I was about 15, and have accumulated quite a number of manuscript notebooks filled with pieces and even more fragments of pieces. Along the way I have occasionally taken a stab at trying to do something with them and make some kind of name for myself, though entirely without success.

What kind of music do I write? I have no idea. Or rather, I know what I write, but I don't know how to describe it or categorise it. I suppose it falls (very loosely) under the rather wide blanket of 'light music'. At one point, and indeed for quite a long time, I wanted to write musicals (almost the epitome of light music), but I never found a lyricist that I was happy with.

Many years ago I started trying to create MIDI files of my music, originally using the Cakewalk software package and later Cubase Studio. All the MP3 files that are here at the moment were created using those programs, along with some decent soundfont files to provide the actual instrument sounds.

However, the limitations of the soundfont instruments, the software packages, and my own ineptness at using them means that these versions are not necessarily how I would like the pieces to sound, although on the whole they should give a reasonable idea.