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gal·li·mau·fry (galɪˈmɔːfri) - a confused jumble or medley of things

The closest this site gets to a blog.

Igudesman & Joo


I stumbled across this act by accident, somewhere on YouTube. They don't seem to be very well-known, at least here in Britain, but they really ought to be. They are a classical music comedy duo (now isn't that a phrase you never expected to hear?). The "Mozart Bond" piece is probably the best introduction to them, but the YouTube side-bar leads to plenty of other ones.

Igudesman and Joo : Mozart Bond

Harry the Piano


Yet more musical mayhem! I won't even bother to comment except to say that it is very funny and very, very clever. Don't miss the other videos by the same guy!

Harry the Piano: Harry Potter Theme